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Living with Migraines

A personal journey of managing chronic migraines from high school to adulthood. Learn tips, triggers, and strategies for migraine relief and better health.

This blog post will shed light on some the remarkable mental health initiatives in Quebec, highlighting their invaluable contributions.

Join us as Julien shares insights into the importance of safe(r) spaces, the difference between queer-friendly and queer-affirming care, and the positive impact that Project 10 has on the lives of its participants.

Happy Pride, Montreal! As the vibrant colors of the rainbow adorn streets and flags, August marks the celebration of Pride Month in …

Back in March, we had the privilege of hosting a self-care panel featuring five experts in various fields.

We are pleased to announce our lineup of events for Mental Health Week 2023, which runs from May 1st to May 7th.

Self Care in Action, a thought-provoking and inclusive event that provides practical self-care tools by a panel of experts and resources, is set to take place on March 18, 2023, from 5 pm to 8 pm at Cafe Leo

We asked our Vent Over TeaM what they were leaving behind in 2022 and focusing on in the New Year.

Truth is, I didn’t know that I was allowed to be gay. With little to no queer representation growing up, I had determined in my head that I would end up alone.

Becoming Unstuck

view being stuck as either being bored or overstimulated. It’s that inability to find the balance to keep going, all while juggling the different challenges life throws at me.

Vent Over Tea is highlight their Executive Director, Talya Azrieli. Get to know Talya in this Q & A spotlight and learn about the tireless work that goes on behind the scenes of Vent Over Tea.

Sleep is so important. But what happens if you can’t seem to fall or stay asleep, no matter how hard you try?

Receiving a positive STI result can be heart-wrenching. This is due to the stigma sexually transmitted infections carry. Society makes it easy to feel “dirty” or have a sense of shame when seeing these results.

Self-love is practiced in the difficult moments—when it is the hardest to come by. It is noticing when the unloving thoughts appear and staying open to the more loving thought. Maybe even increasing the volume until that is the only one you hear.

We’ve got to take it easy and look within ourselves to uncover what drives us to achieve better results in the long term.

Along with journaling, mindfulness, talk therapy, exercising, medication, and other interventions, a change in diet or a new supplement plan to receive your necessary daily vitamins could be exactly what you need!

With the holidays coming up, it is harder to turn a blind eye to what we’ve been dreading—setting COVID boundaries for our physical and mental health.

For the tired hearts, that feel like they can’t take another bump in the road. For the exhausted minds that can’t latch to anything for more than a minute.

The boundary conversation can sometimes feel scary or uncomfortable. But the people around us cannot read our minds and it’s on us to let them know how we’re feeling.

Never underestimate any act of kindness. You never know how many people you can make happy with simple support.

Death literacy is about the acquisition of knowledge and understanding death systems. This can include examining our society’s reactions to death and navigating end-of-life and deathcare options.

Whether you decide to take these tips to heart or are just mindlessly scrolling the internet to avoid studying, I wish you the best of luck in your midterms.

Normalizing the Uncommon

None of us go through life thinking we’ll be the ones facing uncommon challenges, yet we often do at one point or another.

Breakups and divorce could trigger a roller coaster of emotions. But that doesn’t mean we have to ride this roller coaster wherever it takes us.

If you’re like me, working to the point of exhaustion, it’s okay to actively take a step back and let things be for a bit

How to break down big lifestyle goals to small but impactful changes that are more conducive to long-term positive transformation.

Setting Boundaries

Something to remember is that every relationship might look different when it comes to setting boundaries.

Some people believe that there is only one kind of relationship—intimate ones. However, relationships manifest themselves in multiple kinds of connections such as family, friends, and romantic partners.

Remember that we all hold the same capacity to love. We were made from the same materials, same proportions, and depending on your belief—the same source.

Compulsory heterosexuality is ingrained from the moment you’re born—takes a long time to dismantle, which is why many people come out later in life.

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