Exploring Self-Care: Insights and Tips from a Panel of Experts

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Back in March, we had the privilege of hosting a self-care panel featuring five experts in various fields.

Press Release: Montreal mental health non-profit hosts events throughout #MentalHealthWeek

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We are pleased to announce our lineup of events for Mental Health Week 2023, which runs from May 1st to May 7th.

Press Release: Montreal mental health non-profit hosts wellness event with panel of self-care experts

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Self Care in Action, a thought-provoking and inclusive event that provides practical self-care tools by a panel of experts and resources, is set to take place on March 18, 2023, from 5 pm to 8 pm at Cafe Leo

Becoming Unstuck

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view being stuck as either being bored or overstimulated. It’s that inability to find the balance to keep going, all while juggling the different challenges life throws at me.

How to Navigate Grief in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

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Due to the COVID-19, there is grief locked up inside the offices, teams, and workplaces of every organization across the country, and maybe even around the world.

Living with Insomnia

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Sleep is so important. But what happens if you can’t seem to fall or stay asleep, no matter how hard you try?

How To Deal With a Positive STI Test Result

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Receiving a positive STI result can be heart-wrenching. This is due to the stigma sexually transmitted infections carry. Society makes it easy to feel “dirty” or have a sense of shame when seeing these results.

How to Practice Self Love

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Self-love is practiced in the difficult moments—when it is the hardest to come by. It is noticing when the unloving thoughts appear and staying open to the more loving thought. Maybe even increasing the volume until that is the only one you hear.

5 Ways to Find What Drives You

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We’ve got to take it easy and look within ourselves to uncover what drives us to achieve better results in the long term.

How Nutrition Plays a Role in Caring for Your Mental Health

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Along with journaling, mindfulness, talk therapy, exercising, medication, and other interventions, a change in diet or a new supplement plan to receive your necessary daily vitamins could be exactly what you need!

Obtaining a Healthy Diet with Tiny Goals

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How to break down big lifestyle goals to small but impactful changes that are more conducive to long-term positive transformation.

How to Support the Men in Your Life with their Mental Health

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Remember that we all hold the same capacity to love. We were made from the same materials, same proportions, and depending on your belief—the same source.

What’s Weighing You Down?

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I became weighed down by the fear of making others uncomfortable. The dread of feeling obligated to navigate other peoples’ problems and insecurities because I don’t fit neatly into the narrative they’ve created for me.

Staying Productive While Working from Home

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For many, working from home is a dream come true, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t manage your time properly or you get off task easily.

Thinking Across Time

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Learning when to focus on the past, present, or future provides an opportunity to take the optimal outlook to benefit from our experiences.

How Our Emotions Impact Productivity

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Our emotions play a large role in whether or not we get things done. Even if everything is set up perfectly for a productive work session, there are moments when our emotions get the best of us.

Finding Value

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Values are not about what you want to get out of life—they are about how you strive to behave on an ongoing basis.

Grieving Who I Could’ve Been

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I feel a bit of grief for the loss of this person I never even got to hold or embody. Can we grieve something we never had?

The Power of a Daily Routine

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It can be hard to pinpoint the exact culprit of negative feelings. Most of the time, it comes down to one thing—routine, or lack thereof.

How to Change Your Unhelpful Thinking Styles

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We all have unhelpful thinking styles. In any given situation, our brains find multiple ways to try to trick us into negative thinking patterns.

I Tracked My Mood for a Month—This is What Happened

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It was hard to see the big picture when all I could remember were my intense feelings of despair.

The Dangers of Labeling

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Our use of labels combined with our own negative self-talk continues to fuel an already fragile human condition and can contribute to physical symptoms of depression to anxiety.

The Drip and the Spark

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How an understanding of change in conjunction with an accurate understanding of self can allow us to accelerate learning in any area.

The Power of Positive Affirmations

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It’s truly time to bring some positivity into our lives. Let’s make it our goal this new year!

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