We offer a free, in-person, and confidential active listening service to all members of the local community to promote mental wellness and connection.

We lend our ears to everyone who needs someone to talk to

We began focusing on students when Vent Over Tea was founded in 2015. Now, we’ve grown our community to anyone who needs us to lend an ear. We pride ourselves on providing services for all, without any boundaries, and hope to reach a larger audience in the future.

  • – D.D

    Having a stranger to be honest to really helped me going through some turbulent time. Also discovered best mint tea in the process.

We hold accessible and free events for our community

We strive to provide a variety of free monthly events our community can participate in. We hold mental health and wellness related events and workshops, from fitness, crafts, and game nights. We’re always on the lookout for individual and companies to partner with us and lend us their expertise.

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