Need to talk to someone? We create a safe space where you're free to say what you need, without being judged

Our active listeners will not criticize, interrupt or judge as you speak

What is active listening

Active listening is a skill that requires full attention to the speaker and consists of verbal and non-verbal cues displayed by the listener. In essence, it’s listening to understand, and not listening to respond.

  • Purposeful way of listening and responding
  • Whole and undivided attention, free of distractions
  • Suspension of judgment
  • Reflective questions to help you come to your own conclusions
  • Empathetic regard
Schedule Your Session

Pick a time and café that works for you! If you can’t think of one – don’t worry we have a list of recommended ones that are cozy and ambient.

Your listener will reach out to you by email to confirm the vent session, let you know what they’ll be wearing, and answer any of your pre-venting questions.

Meet and Vent Away!

The two of you meet up at the café the day of your vent session. You each purchase your own beverage. You get to venting!

This is your space to speak openly while our trained active listening volunteer listens without judgement.

A Thank You For Trusting Us

There’s no follow ups on the conversations you have with your active listener.

We welcome and read all feedback which helps us improve our services. If you were satisfied with your experience, you can leave a review for us.

Ready to vent with us?


The conversation usually begins with the listener asking you about yourself and what brought you to the vent session.

No, you are under no obligation to stay for a full hour and can leave at any time.

That is up to the listener. If they have extra time and are able to, they often will stay for longer than one hour. Some sessions do last longer than an hour.

Absolutely. All volunteer listeners sign a confidentiality agreement upon being selected to be a Vent Over Tea volunteer. The only time the listener is required to break that confidentiality agreement is if you indicate that you pose a harm to yourself or others.

The listeners are volunteers that are carefully selected and given extensive training in active listening and mental health first aid. Most of them are pursuing careers in psychology, social work, medicine or community service.

Listeners undergo a rigorous screening process in order for us to evaluate if these are people we ourselves would feel comfortable opening up to.

We try to avoid this situation by having our volunteers notify us if they’ve been assigned a name they are familiar with. However, in the event that you arrive at your session and you do know your listener, you are under no obligation to proceed with the vent session. Our listeners will be more than understanding. You’ll simply have to rebook another session and we’ll ensure you don’t get the same listener.

We love our listeners and we expect you will as well! But if you find that you don’t like your listener, aren’t enjoying the process, or feel uncomfortable in any way, then we encourage you to end the session and let us know in the feedback form that you will receive shortly after the vent session.

Our volunteer listeners will stay on the line or at the cafe for 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. If you are running late and cannot make your session, please email your listener to let them know. If you join 15 minute after mark, and did not let your listener know, you will have to reschedule your session.

You each pay for their own beverages – except during promotional offers. Keep your eyes peeled for them on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

If the cafe is closed, wait for the volunteer and the two of you will go to another one nearby. Our volunteers are prepared with a list of nearby cafes!