Things That Could Help You Get Over A Breakup At Home

| By ventovertea
Breakups and divorce could trigger a roller coaster of emotions. But that doesn’t mean we have to ride this roller coaster wherever it takes us.

Setting Boundaries

| By ventovertea
Something to remember is that every relationship might look different when it comes to setting boundaries.

Relationships Nowadays

| By ventovertea
Some people believe that there is only one kind of relationship—intimate ones. However, relationships manifest themselves in multiple kinds of connections such as family, friends, and romantic partners.

Love in Different Languages

| By ventovertea
Next time your anxiety is tricking you into believing that your partner doesn’t love you, take a minute to reflect on how their love language differentiates from yours

Dating With Anxiety

| By ventovertea
Oftentimes, the thought of putting yourself out there and being vulnerable may sound anxiety-provoking. Sometimes we may find that relationships feel more difficult to maintain when we have anxiety.

In Queer Waters

| By Marissa Norton
As we celebrate Pride this week in Montreal, I wanted to share my journey about how I went from struggling with invalidation and self-doubt, to fully embracing my identity.

Love and Attachment

| By ventovertea
In the world of dating, some partners seem to be overly attached while others are allergic to commitment. More often than not, this is the result of different attachment styles.

The L Words

| By ventovertea
It’s easy to get caught up in chasing after romantic love. But if we make an effort to direct our attention elsewhere, we’ll see that we’re surrounded by all kinds of love that can be deeply fulfilling in their own ways.

Surviving a Breakup 101

| By ventovertea
Going through a breakup isn’t easy, but it’s doable. Here are some things to remember in this difficult time.

What Aristotle Teaches Us About Friendships

| By ventovertea
Friends can be a great source of support and joy for us. But there are many different types of friendships, and sometimes it’s a good idea to take a closer look at how they impact our lives.

Overcoming Loneliness

| By ventovertea
Loneliness can be a paralyzing feeling. Here are a few helpful ways to reconnect with others.

Moving Toward Connection

| By ventovertea
There is quite a difference between being alone and being lonely, something I felt acutely when I moved to Taiwan.

Mental Illness and Dating

| By ventovertea
Do you feel that it’s necessary to disclose your mental illness to your partner and, if so, how? Do you use dating apps and, if so, how do they affect your mental health? What kinds of stigma have you experienced because of your mental illness?

Speak from the Heart

| By ventovertea
We all have our own favorite ways to express and receive love. Talking about love languages to the people around you can be a great way to improve your relationships.

What’s a Habit Between Friends?

| By ventovertea
Sometimes they can help and sometimes they can hinder, but ultimately, having social support can make the difficulties of building new habits much more bearable. If nothing else, it can serve as a reminder that we aren’t alone.

Finding Happy Mediums

| By ventovertea
Compromise is something we have to do constantly in all kinds of relationships, and it can be crucial to developing closer connections with people.

Finding Your Group

| By ventovertea
I consider myself an outgoing person so I thought making friends would be a walk in the park! Unfortunately, it wasn’t so simple.

Calling All Pals!

| By ventovertea
Palentine’s Day is about celebrating great relationships with the great people who are in our lives, and it might just be the perfect antidote to Valentine’s day

The New Friend Zone

| By ventovertea
Once you’ve left school, it dawns on you how difficult it is to make new friends. There’s a vulnerability to it, and sitting in the comfort of our homes typing on our phones or computers lessens that vulnerability a bit.

One Size Does Not Fit All

| By ventovertea
The problem with using clichés as a way of understanding and giving meaning to someone’s current situation is that, although they are not necessarily false, they are incomplete and simultaneously oversimplify and minimize people’s experiences

Listen Between the Lines

| By ventovertea
Listening is the first step to communicating with someone, but there’s more to it than simply hearing the words the other person says.

Tech Talk

| By ventovertea
Sometimes, you know that you need to talk with someone about what you’re going through or what they’re going through, but there’s a distance.

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