The Power of a Simple Act of Kindness

My co-worker planted tomatoes from the seeds she saved and harvested herself. She shared some of those baby tomato plants; they were the size of a fist. She was very kind to deliver them to my house. They stayed on my balcony for one week and grew lovely. Although I was eager to keep them, I knew I was not ready to care for them 100%.

I sent them to a better home where my father planted them in his yard and took care of them. He looked after them every day and sent me updates about how unique those tomato trees are compared to what he is used to back home. It became our check-up conversation and he would send me photos and videos of each change that happened to them. When they were falling we were sad, so we collected wooden branches to support them. Then the weather got colder and we were worried that we would not be able to see the tomatoes change colours and be able to eat them. My friend suggested that we could cut the fruits and let them ripen on the table by the window. Yet, we wanted the tomatoes to take their time. A few weeks later, they turned out to be yellow ones and they tasted delicious.

Never underestimate any act of kindness. You never know how many people you can make happy with simple support.

Now I send my co-worker updates of her tomato grandchildren and how well they are doing.

“Keep growing!”

Nowadays, we need those acts of kindness more than ever. Life seems to be harsher than it used to be.

Need any ideas on how to spread kindness? Here are some examples:
1. Flashing a cheerful smile to a stranger
2. Picking away something harmful from the street
3. Entertaining a crying child during your commute
4. Touring newcomers or students in the unfamiliar surrounding
5. Reading to kids and the elderly
6. Giving a sincere compliment to someone new
7. Encouraging someone who is having a challenging time
8. Thanking a mentor who taught you something that still comes in handy up until now
9. Sharing some of your favorite treats with someone new
10. Creating a free little library in your neighborhood

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