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Q&A with Executive Director Talya Azreili

| By Vent Over Tea
Vent Over Tea is highlight their Executive Director, Talya Azrieli. Get to know Talya in this Q & A spotlight and learn about the tireless work that goes on behind the scenes of Vent Over Tea.

Goodbye From Your Blog Manager

| By Vent Over Tea
Though I’ll be leaving the team, I won’t forget all the things I’ve learned at Vent Over Tea – and I hope to carry it with me wherever I go.

Meet Our New Blog Manager

| By Vent Over Tea
I was scrolling online when my friend sent me a link to a job posting for a Blog Manager position. “Thought this might interest you,” he said.

Say Hi to our new Blog Manager, Anna

| By Vent Over Tea
As the new blog manager here at Vent Over Tea, I’d like to introduce myself and tell you how I came to write for this community.

Meet our New Blog Manager, Elsa

| By Vent Over Tea
I wanted to introduce myself and let you all know how I got involved with this amazing team!

Art In Mind: Supported by BCA Research

| By Vent Over Tea
We are so excited for our second annual fundraiser tonight! We couldn’t have done it without our event partner, BCA Research!

Breaking Down Coffee Breaks

| By Vent Over Tea
I was kind of worried that it would be awkward initiating conversation with strangers, but it turned out to be really easy.

Vent Over Tea … in Calgary!

| By Vent Over Tea
VENT OVER TEA IS HEADING WEST: June 1st marks the official launch date of the Calgary chapter of Vent Over Tea!

Coffee Break February 7th – Event Recap

| By Vent Over Tea
On the evening of the seventh of February, there was a snowstorm in Montreal. This was not an unusual occurrence. However, as the chunky snowflakes tumbled their way down from the sky, veiling themselves over the snug streets of Saint-Henri, magic was happening at a beloved local joint, Cafe Joe.

Updates and Reflections – July 2017

| By Vent Over Tea
Conversations with strangers. I’ve always enjoyed them, but I never thought I would spend some of my mid-twenties building an organization around them. Such is life and here I am, watching what was once a tiny seed of an idea in Sarah Fennessey’s head blossom into an entirely volunteer-run organization that acts as the ears […]

What to Expect When You’re Venting

| By Vent Over Tea
What is Vent Over Tea? What happens during a vent session? And, what happens after? The short answer is that this is different for everyone; the long answer is that the concept of our vent sessions depends on two imperative elements: a sense of intimacy and no prior relationship or necessary follow-up.

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