Seasonal Topics

How to Survive Midterm Season

| By Danielle Boucher
Whether you decide to take these tips to heart or are just mindlessly scrolling the internet to avoid studying, I wish you the best of luck in your midterms.

How To Manage Holiday Stress

| By Danielle Boucher
While we might be happy to see our family, eat delicious meals, and take a break from work, there is a stressful side to the holiday season. Here’s what you can do to take it in your stride.

Embracing the Holiday Pounds

| By Danielle Boucher
After a few merry feasts, many of us struggle with feelings of shame and regret over gaining some “holiday weight.” This post-holiday season, it’s time to cut ourselves some slack.

A Good Routine Keeps the Winter Blues Away

| By Danielle Boucher
Many of us are affected by the “winter blues.” But we can limit its impact on our mental health with a routine that includes a sleep schedule, healthy eating habits, and exercise.

Summer is Coming

| By Danielle Boucher
Take advantage of all the mood boosting activities and wellness benefits that these upcoming months have to offer!

Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day

| By Danielle Boucher
Valentine’s Day can be a lot of pressure for people in and out of relationships, luckily there is another way to approach February 14th.

A Change in the Right Direction

| By Danielle Boucher
A new year can bring with it some pressures that are difficult to avoid when self-improvement is the flavour of the month. Whether or not you made resolutions this year, there are a few things to consider when trying to make a change in your life.

Cold Comfort

| By Danielle Boucher
It’s not uncommon to have a hard time in the winter months. The good news is, there are things you can do to make this time of year better.

Homesick for the Holidays

| By Danielle Boucher
Whether it’s your first or your fifth time, spending the holidays away from home can be tough. But it can still be great!

How Will You Spend Your Time This Holiday Season?

| By Danielle Boucher
Everyone is busy around the holidays, but did you know that when you spend your time helping others, you feel like you have more free time? On top of that, people who volunteer tend to be happier than those who don’t!

Gratitude is for more than Thanksgiving

| By Danielle Boucher
You always think that when things get better, you’ll be happier again. But by practicing gratitude you’ll train yourself to see the good in your life regardless of the situation, which can have physical and mental health benefits.

Summer Blues

| By Danielle Boucher
While warm weather, longer days, and more vacation time can make some people feel euphoric and free, it can make others feel agitated, guilty, tired, and jealous.

New Rules for New Year’s Resolutions

| By Danielle Boucher
New Year’s resolutions in particular have become a sort of cultural expectation. I get that the external hurrah surrounding New Year’s resolutions and the sense of community that comes with it provides a boost of motivation to achieve them, but, are they actually working?

Falling for Fall

| By Danielle Boucher
There are still lots of ways to make new connections before the weather turns cold and we all want to stay bundled inside our apartments with a few choice people.

The Loveliness of the Winter Blues

| By Danielle Boucher
The cold wind sends shivers up your spine and puts a heaviness in your heart that wasn’t there before.

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