Mental Illness Awareness Week: Community Organizations Bridging Gaps

It’s Mental Illness Awareness Week. a crucial time to recognize the outstanding efforts of organizations that tirelessly advocate for mental well-being. This week serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of mental health, prompting communities to come together and support one another. In Quebec, we have several organizations that stand as beacons of hope, offering crucial resources and support for those navigating the complexities of mental health.

This blog post will shed light on some these remarkable initiatives, highlighting their invaluable contributions.



AMI-Quebec is a non-profit organization that helps families manage the effects of mental illness through support, education, guidance, and advocacy. Family includes those in the circle of support of someone living with mental illness (parents, spouses, siblings, adult children, friends, etc.).

Many of their programs are open to anyone and may also be of special interest to those living with mental illnesses. Their programs are free!

Visit them at

Black Mental Health Connections Montreal


BMHC MTL empowers members of Black communities by breaking mental health barriers and promoting healing through culturally competent education and innovative community care.

Though focused on the Black community, BMHC MTL works to be anti-oppressive in all ways and in solidarity with all marginalized communities.

Learn more at

Friends for Mental Health

Friends for mental health

Friends for Mental Health is a non-profit organization that offers support and other resources to those close to a person with a mental health issue. Their goal is to listen, counsel, and provide information based on the most current research and best practices, enabling families to better cope with their loved one’s mental health issues.

They serve residents in the West Islands of Montreal.

Visit them at

Crisis hotline free, bilingual and anonymous for those with thoughts of self harm. Their services are provided by skilled professional counsellors; clinical, technology, and communications specialists; and board members with wide-ranging expertise.

Their goal is to strengthen the safety net and reduce distress by providing Quebecers with ready access to secure and supportive online services.

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Relief offers several services to help you and loved ones live with anxiety, depression or bipolarity. Includes support groups and self-management support.

Every week, you can take part in free support groups led by mental health professionals. This flexible service gives you help when you need it, depending on the ups and downs in your life. They also offer paid self-management workshops on anxiety, depression or bipolarity.

Visit their website

Mental Health Estrie


A non-profit, community organization committed to helping English-speaking families of Estrie and surrounding area to manage the impact of mental illness. They provide support, information and education to family and friends, including individuals with a lived experience of mental illness.

They are a vital community resource, which works in partnership with professional health care and social service providers and other community organizations to promote services for mental illness.

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Grow Still

Grow Still

Grow Still provides guidance and support services to emerging adults (18-32) struggling with psychosocial, physical and occupational health, while promoting holistic wellness, help-seeking behaviour, social connectedness, and healthy workplace development.

They provide workshops, tools, and many other resources to help emerging adults transition successfully into adulthood. Their StillChillSpace aspires to be a safe haven for all.

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Community Perspective in Mental Health is a community organization dedicated to helping people with mental health problems achieve their fullest potential while meeting the challenges of everyday living within their community.

They provide long-term support for adults with mental illness to help them better manage their daily lives, as well as their housing service that helps people throughout the process of finding affordable housing.

You can learn more about them at

As Mental Illness Awareness Week draws to a close, it’s our collective responsibility to carry forward the momentum gained during this crucial period of awareness and support. Organizations like the ones listed above exemplify the spirit of compassion and understanding that defines mental health advocacy.

Vent Over Tea proudly stands as a vital contributor to this support network. Our organization is committed to providing a safe space for individuals to express their feelings and thoughts openly. If you or someone you know is in need of a listening ear, we encourage you to take action. Book a free vent session with our trained active listeners. Whether you’re experiencing challenges or simply need someone to talk to, our team is here to listen, understand, and support you.

For more resources, download our mental health resource guide here.

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