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Death Literacy is Life Literacy

| By ventovertea
Death literacy is about the acquisition of knowledge and understanding death systems. This can include examining our society’s reactions to death and navigating end-of-life and deathcare options.

Taking a Step Back From Self Help

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If you’re like me, working to the point of exhaustion, it’s okay to actively take a step back and let things be for a bit

Forming Habits while Struggling with Mental Health

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The discomfort of struggling with mental health can bring about strong desperation for change.

How Our Emotions Impact Productivity

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Our emotions play a large role in whether or not we get things done. Even if everything is set up perfectly for a productive work session, there are moments when our emotions get the best of us.

Your Path to Meaning

| By ventovertea
Meaning exists in everything around us and is waiting to be discovered.

Finding Value

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Values are not about what you want to get out of life—they are about how you strive to behave on an ongoing basis.

Grieving Who I Could’ve Been

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I feel a bit of grief for the loss of this person I never even got to hold or embody. Can we grieve something we never had?

Ten Tips for Active Listening

| By ventovertea
People always talk about supporting others and being there for them, but how open are we really?

Living with Anxiety

| By ventovertea
It’s intrusive thoughts that simply won’t go away no matter how much you try to escape them.

Feeling Like a Burden

| By ventovertea
We are not a burden; it is a mind trick that requires a swiftly concentrated brain to overcome it. We are more than capable of being our own heroes and saving our lost souls from the dark and stormy black sea of negative thoughts.

Being Pluto

| By ventovertea
This feeling of disconnection is common amongst the general population but it doesn’t have to be a forever thing.

The Bell Jar Effect

| By Danielle Boucher
Sometimes, finding support in anonymity or through introspection is more attainable than venting aloud, and that’s okay. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to getting through the depths of mental illness.

When Change Becomes Overwhelming

| By ventovertea
The leaves are changing colors and the sweaters are getting thicker. It’s a new season of change and if you’re finding yourself feeling overwhelmed about it, you’re not alone.

My 5 Takeaways from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

| By Danielle Boucher
Whether you’re interested in trying this type of therapy or have already gone through it yourself and are looking to recommend it to someone in your life, I’m here to offer my five takeaways from CBT.

Don’t Feed The Demon

| By ventovertea
As someone who struggles with a mental illness, I’ve often felt like I had to wrestle with an annoying little demon that lives in my brain.

Common Myths About Eating Disorders

| By ventovertea
Eating disorders are debilitating conditions that can have life-threatening consequences. In order to help those who are affected, we must debunk the many myths that still surround them.

When Your Mind Lies To You

| By ventovertea
Not everything our minds tell us is true: it’s extremely common to fall into faulty thinking patterns, or cognitive distortions, that can take a toll on our mental health.

What It’s Like to Have Emetophobia

| By ventovertea
No one likes being sick. But emetophobia is more than that: it’s an all-consuming, paralyzing fear of throwing up that affects many aspects of daily life.

To Eat or Not to Eat

| By ventovertea
The road to recovery from an eating disorder is long and complex. Although my battle isn’t over, I hope that I can help others by sharing my story.

More than a bad habit

| By ventovertea
We’ve all had bad habits. But when these behaviours become compulsive and distressing, they can be a symptom of something more serious.

Journey in Psychosis

| By ventovertea
While conditions like anxiety and depression have become normalized, psychosis is still rarely talked about. By sharing my story, I hope I can contribute to lessening the stigma around it.

Self-Isolation and Mental Health

| By ventovertea
Self-isolation is a necessary step in our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some tips to help you through this difficult time.

A Quick Guide to Virtual Mental Health Support

| By ventovertea
The current COVID-19 crisis has had a profound impact on the way we receive mental health services. Fortunately, there are things you can do to adjust to these new forms of therapy and active listening.

End of the Tunnel

| By ventovertea
Panic attacks are terrifying and unpredictable. But it’s important to remember that they won’t last, and that there are things you can do to make them as painless as possible.

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