The Time to Talk is Now

The stigma surrounding mental illness is one of the leading reasons that people avoid seeking help, which is only made worse when leaders in society link mental illness to gun violence

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Being Heard

As a venter, I learned that sometimes what helps lessen the burden is talking to someone who will listen completely when you admit, “I’m hurting. Can I tell you my story?”

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State of the Art Therapy

Art therapy is the encouragement of free self-expression through different art mediums. In clinical practice, it has been used as a therapeutic tool to help with a variety of issues.

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Feeling Under the Weather

With the world getting darker earlier and the sky sending it’s evil little white things down to us, this is the most common time of the year for people to get sad. Seasonal Affective Disorder, abbreviated as SAD, is a type of depression that relates to the changes of the seasons.

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Help Wanted

Being self aware enough to recognize that you need help and then knowing how to ask for it is no simple feat, and at times it’s a necessary one.

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Escaping Escapism

Whether the stories are fantastical, realistic, silly, or dark, there’s a freedom that comes with allowing yourself to be engrossed in a fictional world. Sometimes we abuse this ability to avoid our own world.

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Talk About It

There are some thingsin life that are tough to talk about. It's important we make the space to talk about them anyway.

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I’ve been in therapy for mental health issues twice. On both occasions, the question I was asked was, “Have you talked to anyone about this?”

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