Stopping the Snowball Effect

The core issue with social anxiety is that nervous thoughts can accumulate and build upon themselves. Rumination is when you have one anxious thought, which leads to another, and a snowball effect occurs. But there are ways to stop it!

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How to Help Your Therapist Help You

Even as attitudes on mental health are changing, there seems to be a lingering sense of skepticism towards therapy. It’s crucial for us to believe in the solution just as much as we believe in the problem.

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Open the Floodgates

Suppressing the urge to cry is usually an attempt to suppress the emotions making you tear up, giving these negative feelings a chance to grow and become stronger

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Falling out of Fear

If falling = failing, rock climbing forced me to face failure over and over again. I lay on the mat - still dizzy from my fall, but otherwise unharmed - and thought to myself: “I have failed. What now?”

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A Second Coming Out

There are stigmas around being in the LGBTQ+ community. And there are stigmas around having mental health issues. What if you fall into both categories?

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