8 LGBTQ+ Organizations in Montreal Making a Difference

Happy Pride, Montreal! As the vibrant colors of the rainbow adorn streets and flags, August marks the celebration of Pride Month in Montreal. A time to commemorate the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ+ rights (and celebrate our advancements!) and honour the diversity of identities, Pride Month holds a special significance for the city. In Montreal and […]

A Year In Review: Coming Out Edition

Truth is, I didn’t know that I was allowed to be gay. With little to no queer representation growing up, I had determined in my head that I would end up alone.

Becoming Unstuck

view being stuck as either being bored or overstimulated. It’s that inability to find the balance to keep going, all while juggling the different challenges life throws at me.

Q&A with Executive Director Talya Azreili

Vent Over Tea is highlight their Executive Director, Talya Azrieli. Get to know Talya in this Q & A spotlight and learn about the tireless work that goes on behind the scenes of Vent Over Tea.

Living with Insomnia

Sleep is so important. But what happens if you can’t seem to fall or stay asleep, no matter how hard you try?