Love in Different Languages

Next time your anxiety is tricking you into believing that your partner doesn’t love you, take a minute to reflect on how their love language differentiates from yours

Living with Anxiety

It’s intrusive thoughts that simply won’t go away no matter how much you try to escape them.

The Dangers of Labeling

Our use of labels combined with our own negative self-talk continues to fuel an already fragile human condition and can contribute to physical symptoms of depression to anxiety.

The Drip and the Spark

How an understanding of change in conjunction with an accurate understanding of self can allow us to accelerate learning in any area.

Surviving the Holidays During a Pandemic

Although we cannot control the fact that there’s a pandemic during the holidays, there are still ways in which we can stay afloat during this confusing, unique season.

Feeling Like a Burden

We are not a burden; it is a mind trick that requires a swiftly concentrated brain to overcome it. We are more than capable of being our own heroes and saving our lost souls from the dark and stormy black sea of negative thoughts.