Finding Happy Mediums

Compromise is something we have to do constantly in all kinds of relationships, and it can be crucial to developing closer connections with people.

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Calling All Pals!

Palentine's Day is about celebrating great relationships with the great people who are in our lives, and it might just be the perfect antidote to Valentine's day

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The New Friend Zone

Once you’ve left school, it dawns on you how difficult it is to make new friends. There’s a vulnerability to it, and sitting in the comfort of our homes typing on our phones or computers lessens that vulnerability a bit.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

The problem with using clichés as a way of understanding and giving meaning to someone’s current situation is that, although they are not necessarily false, they are incomplete and simultaneously oversimplify and minimize people’s experiences

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Tech Talk

Sometimes, you know that you need to talk with someone about what you’re going through or what they’re going through, but there’s a distance.

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