The Power of Connection: How to Build Healthy Relationships

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The Power of Connection: How to Build Healthy Relationships
06:30 PM
Online Event

Want to learn how to use the power of connection to build healthy relationships? πŸ’›
πŸ”— Connection is the capacity to feel a sense of emotional closeness and community with loved ones or to feel a sense of closeness, awareness and attunement towards yourself. Additionally, our capacity for connection or vulnerability is not possible without trust, trust must exist within ourselves and our relationships.
Building relationships that allow us to be our authentic self, maintain emotional connection, and have healthy communication is often particularly challenging for BIPOC communities due to the stigmatization of mental health. In these situations, we may feel close to people on a surface level but feel a level of discomfort with the idea of being vulnerable within our relationships. Historically, structural and systemic barriers have limited the inner resources Black people could utilize to focus on their mental health as they strived to prioritize activism, civil rights and fighting against unjust and oppressive systems.

In honor of Black History Month and Psychology Month, this workshop will allow us to further discuss why these aspects of relating to ourselves and others can be difficult within the Black community as well as what we can do to build emotionally mature relationships, set realistic expectations, and live life more authentically.

The learning objectives:
✨ Understanding the positive impact of emotional intimacy
✨ Identifying emotional maturity and signs of emotional loneliness
✨ Better understand how racial discrimination has affected the mental health of Black or BIPOC people and their ability to focus on their mental health
✨ Identifying the consequences of toxic stereotypes and stigmas surrounding mental health within the Black community
✨ Demonstrating empathy and compassion towards others to strengthen connection

Join us:
πŸ—“ Thursday, February 22, 2024
πŸ•‘ 6:30pm – 8:00pm
πŸ“Online – ​​We will email you the meeting link one day before the event!
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About your facilitator πŸ’œ
Myrlie (she/her) is a wellness counsellor, registered social worker and psychotherapist at Concordia’s Counselling and Psychological Services and Zen Dens. She facilitates wellness and psychoeducational workshops and events, and promotes projects related to mental health. She has specific expertise about the issues and challenges faced by Black and Indigenous communities in Montreal, as well as other ethnic minorities and members of the LGBTQ2+ community.
By using an anti-oppressive, collaborative and compassionate lens, Myrlie enjoys supporting, advocating and empowering people whose voices and lived experiences have been traditionally ignored and overlooked. She also aims to show students that Black mental health professionals exist and are working to reduce harm for the populations that they serve.

Event registration closed.