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Pairing people who need to vent with great listeners

Free and confidential active listening service


Let no voice go unheard and foster a community that speaks openly and listens without judgement.

Having a stranger to be honest to really helped me going through some turbulent time. Also discovered best mint tea in the process.
- D.D
Vent Over Tea helped me tremendously through the toughest period of my life.
- Anonymous
I had no idea what to expect when I submitted a vent request. It was so nice to be able to talk to someone who has absolutely no connection to my life.
- Emily, 22
I recommended and will continue to recommend Vent Over Tea to all my friends and I am very grateful for the creators of such a wonderful platform.
- Anonymous
I will be forever grateful for all the awesome and emphatic listeners who not only listen to my rambling but also gave me tons of solid advice to improve my mental wellbeing.
- Anonymous
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Not everyone needs advice, just someone to listen

Active Listening
We provide you undivided attention without any judgment or reaction, we are here simply to listen to you.
Trained Empathetic Listener
Our volunteers can help you work through your problems by asking reflective questions and showing empathetic regard.

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Taking the strange out of strangers

Free Community Events

We regularly host events, workshops, and discussion groups that are free or by donation.


We offer active listening training for schools, groups, businesses, and organizations for a fee to support our cause.


Help us ensure that no voice goes unheard by supporting our free mental health service with a donation.