I had no idea what to expect when I submitted a vent request. But my volunteer was warm and made me feel very comfortable. It was so nice to be able to talk to someone who has absolutely no connection to my life.

Emily, 22

Vent Over Tea helped me tremendously through the toughest period of my life. I will be forever grateful for all the awesome and emphatic listeners who not only listen to my rambling but also gave me tons of solid advice to improve my mental wellbeing. I recommended and will continue to recommend Vent Over Tea to all my friends and I am very grateful for the creators of such a wonderful platform. It truly is the best. Thank you!


Having a stranger to be honest to really helped me going through some turbulent time. Also discovered best mint tea in the process.



Vent Over Tea is still a relatively new organization, but each year we learn, grow, and evolve to better serve our community.
• In 2019, we more than doubled the number of vent sessions we had in 2018
• In 2019, we offered two more community events and workshops than we had in 2018
• In 2019, we added ten volunteers to our team
Our goal is to keep growing so that we can continue to support members of the Montreal community and hopefully expand to other cities in the future. None of this could be done without the generous time of our volunteers and the support of donors. If you want to help us grow and extend our reach, please consider donating here!

In the Media

Vent Over Tea offers a unique service to help our community. As a result, several news organizations have wanted to shine a light on what we do and how others can get involved. Learn more about our initiative through these interviews and profiles! 

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